IELTS Preparation Online

IELTS Preparation Online

We are now offering our part-time IELTS preparation courses in our online format. Our courses are taught by IELTS experts with years of experiencing teaching English as a Second Language. Student study for 2 hours per day in a real-time, interactive class setting with their teacher. All four skills are covered during the week (listening, reading, writing and speaking) with feedback offered on student work.  This is the best way to prepare for a future IELTS Test.  Our intake for new students is on the Monday of every week. You can register and pay on Monday before the class starts, or you can register on any other day and start classes on the following Monday. Students can register for as many weeks as they would like to study.

Class Hours (CST) 3:15 PM – 5:15 PM
7:00PM – 9:00PM
Hours Per Week 8
Price $130 per week
Application Fee Waived

If you are interested in signing up for the IELTS Preparation Online class, please register here for more information:

IELTS Indicator is an official IELTS product designed to support you during the COVID-19 situation to help you keep your education goals on track.
IELTS Indicator is an online test that can be taken from the comfort and safety of your home. The test includes four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, and you will receive an indicative score for each. Your performance will be marked by IELTS examiners and you will receive your result within seven days.

The Academic test is available for a limited time while IELTS testing is currently suspended due to COVID-19. Educational providers can use IELTS Indicator to help them gauge the English language ability of future students while IELTS testing is suspended. As IELTS Indicator provides an indicative score only, it is not accepted by all organisations. Before you book, be sure to check with your university or educational institution.

For more information and to book your IELTS Indicator test, please visit