Heartland Mississauga COVID-19 POLICY UPDATE

Heartland Mississauga COVID-19 POLICY UPDATE

At Heartland, we strive to create a safe working and learning environment and we continue to adjust our policies to align with these goals and to meet with governmental requirements. COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available in Canada, and therefore, new safety protocols are being recommended federally and provincially which may affect our two Heartland locations differently.

Our school in Winnipeg, Manitoba and our school in Mississauga, Ontario may, at times, have separate requirements for in-person class attendance.   From Tuesday September 7th Heartland Mississauga will be implementing our COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccine Policy. The policy will require all students, staff, and contractors to be fully vaccinated in order to access our campus. Those who are not fully vaccinated will be provided with information on vaccines and required to participate in routine, rapid COVID-19 antigen or PCR testing. Details about implementation will be available in the coming weeks.

Please read more about our Heartland Mississauga COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccine Policy