VERSANT English Placement Test for Pathway Students

VERSANT English Placement Test for Pathway Students

Pathway students are required to complete the online English Placement and assessment test prior to their acceptance into Heartland English Pathway programs.  The cost of the test is $50 CAD.

The test will take approximately 50 minutes to complete and can be conveniently done at a student’s home computer before they leave for Canada or arrive at the school.

In order to take the test, students will require:

  1. Adobe Flash v11 or higher
  2. A supported browser such as: Internet Explorer 9 and up; Mozilla Firefox v17 nd up; Safari 6 and up; or Google Chrome v23 and up
  3. Headset with microphone
  4. Enough time to finish entire test in one sitting
  5. No distractions (once the test begins there is no going back)
  6. A computer as the test station

Once a student has applied to Heartland for the Pathway program, and paid the $100 application fee and the $50 online placement test fee, an email will be sent with the link to the online test and a PIN number specific to the student, to use to begin the test.

The test is designed to measure a student’s ability in all skill areas including speaking, listening, writing and reading, as well as producing an over all score. ┬áThe scores recorded will be sent to Heartland by the testing system, and we will be able to help determine a student’s level and therefore approximately how many weeks of study they will need before reaching the required level for their Pathway.

More information about the VERSANT Placement Test