We are excited to welcome you from overseas soon!

We are excited to welcome you from overseas soon!

Although we don’t know when borders will reopen, we have been working hard alongside Languages Canada to develop a Study Safe Corridor.  The Study Safe Corridor is a safe way of bringing international students to Canada. It is designed to recruit and prepare qualified international language students, offer a safe and controlled travel corridor to Canada, provide a comfortable quarantine process, and ensure that both students and host Canadians are safe as students enter into Canadian schools and communities. Learn more here

So, please rest assured, we are ready for borders to open and to welcome international students back to Heartland!
We’ll help students develop a quarantine plan, can arrange their accommodations, food delivery, and insurance, offer online orientation and classes during their quarantine period, etc to allow for a safe arrival in  Winnipeg, and smooth transition from online to in person after 14 days once borders reopen.

Please also remember that any students who were given a study permit prior to March 18th are welcome to travel any time (they have been pre-approved for entry), and we are ready to assist them with their quarantine plans too.