Teacher, Mississauga – Amanda

Teacher, Mississauga – Amanda

AmandaAmanda Hall B.A. (Hons) graduated from the University of Toronto in 1991 with a Major in English, a Major in History and a Minor in French.  In 1996 Amanda earned a Certificate in Mediation from the University of Windsor Law School. After a varied career and fulfilling set of life experiences, Amanda is returning to her first academic love – the love of language.  Amanda obtained her TESOL certificate with distinction in 2014, her IELTS coaching certification in 2015 and teaches at Heartland’s Mississauga campus.



Many of my students come to Heartland to improve their language so as to advance their careers and expand their horizons. For 10 years I was an owner and partner in a consulting and legal firm that argued orally and via written submission to high level Ontario provincial appeals tribunals.  There is both an art and a science to clear, compelling, reasoned communication in any language required to be effective in business and academia.   In my work with students, I teach not only the beauty and idiosyncrasies of the English language, but also the structure of and clarity of the English language.

I have been a lifelong student and teacher.  Upon starting and raising a family, I retired from my hectic consulting practice and gave back to the community by leading a number of community not for profit organizations, all with significant budgets and responsibilities.  I was Chairperson of an Early Childhood Education school for 5 years to create a caring and supportive learning environment where our teachers could be successful.  I was Chairperson of my local church for 5 years, with the focus upon creating a place for renewal and personal growth.  For 7 years I was President of our local 450 person skating club.  We taught thousands of kids aged 4-20 how to skate, how to focus, how to achieve their goals and how to do it in a respectful and mutually supportive environment.

Teaching the English language and ILETS skills with Heartland in some ways is a new and wonderful chapter for me but in the most important ways it is the continuation of my lifelong journey of teaching, giving back and creating supportive environments.