IELTS Test – Winnipeg
Test Day Information

Test Day Information

Test Schedule

Saturday  Check-in
Doors will close and lock at 8:45am.
9am Test begins. Late candidates WILL NOT be accepted.
9am-12noon Listening, Reading and Writing sections.
1:00-6:00pm Your interview time will be posted on test day. Interview times are randomly chosen by computer. Requesting an interview time or changing times is NOT permitted. Interview times cannot be guaranteed in advance, so be prepared to stay until 6:00pm.

Test Confirmation

You will receive a Confirmation Letter in person at the time of application. If you have submitted your application by mail, you will receive a Confirmation Letter by email after your payment has been processed. In addition, the IELTS administrator will send a reminder by email approximately ten (10) days before your assigned date. This reminder notification contains the same information about the test location and schedule as on your Confirmation Letter and is for your convenience. If you haven’t received your reminder email, please check your spam/junk mailbox. If you still can’t find your reminder email, please contact us.


Registration opens at 8am and closes at 8:45am. Late arrivals will not be admitted. Testing starts at 9am.

Identification – Important Information

You are required to bring your current passport or permanent resident card (the same as listed on your application form). No ID. no test. If you do not bring your current passport or permanent resident card you WILL NOT be able to write the test. There are NO exceptions.

Test Room Requirements

Allowed Items Items Not Allowed
You are permitted to bring only a clear water bottle without a label, and your identification document (see above) into the test room. You are not permitted to bring watches, purses, bags, wallets, money, keys, phones, jackets, recording devices, food, pens, pencils, erasers, or any items not listed to the left into the test room.

Coats, Bags and Valuables

There is a secure room at the Test Centre for coats and bags. ALL VALUABLES (including wallets, purses, cell phones, watches, dictionaries, laptops, cosmetics, etc.) must be checked in upon arrival to the centre. The Test Centre suggests that you leave your valuables at home rather than bring them to the Test Centre. These items will be returned to you once you have completed the examinations. Please note that personal items are left at your own risk. IELTS Test Centre at Heartland assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Test Length

The total length of the test is 2 hours, 45 minutes. The Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are administered during the morning. Please note that no breaks are permitted between the morning tests. Interviews are scheduled during the afternoon. Your interview time will be posted next to the registration desk on test day and on your desk label.

The Test is Paper-Based

Test centres in Canada only offer the paper-based IELTS test. Headphones are NOT used by the Test Centre at Heartland for the Listening section.

Important Notice

Speaking interviews are normally scheduled in the afternoon of the test date. Your interview time will be posted on test day. Interview times cannot be guaranteed in advance, so be prepared to stay until 6:00pm. We will contact you prior to test day only if your interview is scheduled for another day.

Information About Your Photo and Finger Scan

At the IELTS Test Centre at Heartland, your photo and finger scan are taken on test day. For more information about your photo and finger scan, please read this pamphlet.

Feedback Policy

If you would like to make a complaint in regard to the test centre’s IELTS administration, service or procedures please follow the Feedback Policy.