Test Fees

Current Test Fee

The test fee is $309.00 CAD plus any applicable postage. The test fee for off-site venues is $317.00 CAD.  Applications that do not include the correct amount will not be processed.

Test fees must be paid within 72 hours/three (3) days of registering for a test date.  Otherwise, your registration may be canceled.

You may request to have up to five (5) copies of your Test Report Form sent to receiving organizations (a company, government agency or university) at the time of application. For requests made after we accept your application, there is a fee of $20 for each additional copy.

Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Fees

Cancellation Fee (5 weeks or more before the test date)  $75.00
Transfer Fee (5 weeks or more before the test date) $75.00
Enquiry on Results Fee (within 6 weeks of test date) $160.00
Additional copies of Test Report Form (within 2 years of test date) $20.00 each

Please read our Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policies.