Message from the President:

Message from the President:

We’ve seen a number of challenges over the years, but it’s not an overstatement to say this is an unprecedented and severe situation. No one can predict what will happen in the coming days, weeks, and months. However, what I feel confident in saying is that Heartland is as well positioned as we can be to weather the storm.

One thing we learned from past challenges is that in order to be successful we must focus on quality, plan and act for the long term, and position ourselves as best as possible for challenging times. No one can ever be ready for a crisis of this magnitude, but we are ready to act and react as needed. I’m confident in saying this because the Heartland staff are the most caring and compassionate people I know. As always, we will lead with our hearts and make decisions with the best interests of our community in mind — our students, employees, homestays, agents, and suppliers. We will get through this together.