Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Here’s what former students have had to say about Heartland:

“I enjoyed studying English at this school and thank you for your kindness. I want to come back here and study more English.”

Yoko Shino – Japan


“I really enjoyed staying in Winnipeg. I’ll never forget Heartland. Thank you for giving me great memories!”

Kyung-Jin Lee – Korea

South Korea Flag

“Heartland is a very good school for learning English, and I hope this school keeps helping people like me.”

Jose Luis Rovirosa – Mexico


Now I have a dream that I’m going to work as a Japanese teacher in a foreign country.The teachers in Heartland inspired me to have the dream.

Shinji Sueyoshi – Japan


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“I’m very thankful for having a wonderful experience at Heartland School. I’m glad I had chosen this school. All the teachers were very nice and friendly with me. I learned so much and my English has improved.”

Zoraya Roa Triana – Colombia

Columbia Flag

“I love you all. I’ve never thought that i’d be so happy in this place. Thank you for teaching me, for being my friends, I’ll never forget you forever”

Natalia Haidamus – Brazil

Brazil Flag

“I really enjoyed my experience at Heartland. Heartland provided me with a wonderful environment for studying English. I cherish the friendship of my teacher Carol, classmates, and other friends from Heartland.”

Ning Zhai,China

China Flag

“Thank you very much for making me feel at home. I’m bringing with me precious memories.”

Jorge Quijano, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Flag

“Nice teacher, great classmates, Heartland school was a very good experience!”

Yann Puigmal, France

France Flag

“I found politeness and professionalism in people; everything in this school is superb.”

Christian Esposito, Italy

Italy Flag

“I have learned a lot from this school. All teachers are very nice and educated. I cannot forget this all of my life. I enjoy a lot over there. Thanks for all that.”

Rajdip Sagoo, India

India Flag

“Thanks for the great experience I had an awesome time. Great school, students and teachers! The best teachers in the world and the greatest time I have ever had in school, Ill miss it”

Jana Karnatowski, Germany

Germany Flag

“Thank you for your help and for all the good moments that I spent with you.Heartland is a very good school”

Amélie Gagnon, Quebec

Quebec Flag

“It is the best school that I’ve ever had! Thank you so much! I appreciate everything.”

Chantal Dupéré – Quebec

Quebec Flag

“Heartland is a good place to study English because it’s not only a school but also a big family.  I had lots of chances to practice English and acquire many different cultures.  It’s my best choice to study at Heartland.”

Chia Ling (Eunice) Lee – Taiwan

Taiwan Flag

“This school was my best school! Every teacher and the staff is very kind, friendly and helpful. When I started this school I didn’t speak English but now I can. I loved it here so much. I will miss everyone!”

Katalin Ambrus – Hungary

Hungary Flag

“Heartland is one of the best English schools. I got a good education and I learned how to get good score in TOEFL.”

Mazen Al-Farsi – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Flag

“Heartland is a great school. Thank You very much! I really enjoyed my time here and thank you very much to all my teachers.”

Maria Bondarenko – Russia

Russia Flag

“I appreciated the English class so much. I especially liked the openness of the staff and the teaching methods. ”

Agnes Louis – Haiti

Haiti Flag

“Heartland is a school that feels like your home and you learn about everything. Thank You! ”

Damaris Pianetta – Panama

Panama Flag

“I really enjoyed the time spent at Heartland and everybody was very nice to me. I think I will never forget this school and my trip to Canada.”

Kacper Duda – Poland

Poland Flag

“Thank you for this great time here and for teaching me. I will never forget my time at Heartland School.”

Liliane Kieser – Switzerland

Switzerland Flag

“It has been a good experience and I have learned so much. I have enjoyed my stay at Heartland and it has been a great school to help improve my English.”

Eduard Sieber  – Venezuela

Venezuela Flag

“I love Heartland! It has been my best experience and the people is so nice and I made so many friends here.”

Macarena Rebolledo Howard  – Chile

Chile Flag

“I enjoy to study at Heartland and thank you to my teachers and to all my classmates and everybody at Heartland.”

Wafa El-Giobtan – Libya

Libya Flag

“Heartland is such a great school. You can use ONLY English in school which is good to study English. It is a unique system and I give it two thumbs up!

Tae Yong Kim – Korea

South Korea Flag