Welcome to Heartland! Welcome to Winnipeg!

Welcome to Heartland! Welcome to Winnipeg!

We are excited to welcome you to Heartland to study English! Before you arrive here in Canada, we thought you might find some of this information useful.  See you soon!


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Common Canadian words to know:

Winnipegger” A person from Winnipeg or living in Winnipeg.

Toque” A fitted hat made from wool to wear in the winter.

Mittens” These keep your hands warm in the winter.  Like gloves, but without fingers.

Hoodie” A cotton sweater with a hood and without buttons or a zipper.


eTA – What you need to know

There are now new entry requirements for coming to Canada.  Every person must have an Electronic Travel Authorization.  To find out more information, please check here: New Entry Requirements


What you cannot bring to Canada

There are a lot of things to think about and prepare for when you are planning your trip to Canada.  To help you plan, here is a good website which explains what you should get ready, and what you are not allowed to bring into Canada:

What not to bring to Canada


What to pack in your suitcase and wear in Canada – season temperatures    

Season Temperature Range What to wear outside


November –March

-10.9°C (12.3°F) on average falling to

-21.2°C (-6.2°F)


It can be very cold outside, it is best to prepare by wearing different layers of clothing.  The thermometer may say it’s -15°C but something called the “Windchill” will affect how cold it feels outside.

Pants, snow pants, sweaters, good winter coat, scarf, hat, mittens/gloves, and good winter boots with grip on the bottom for walking


April – May

8.9°C (48°F) generally in the afternoon with overnight lows of -3.4°C (25.9°F)


It can still be cold in the mornings and evenings in the early spring, so layers again are good.

pants, sweaters, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, rain coat/warm coat, hat, scarf, rain boots with grip for walking



June – August

24.8°C (76.6°F) and average low temperatures are 11.8°C (53.3°F)

26°C to 32°C can occur a few days in July.


It can get very hot during the day, and because we are in the prairies, we have a lot of sunshine, which is nice, but be cautious because you can get a sunburn easily outside.  All buildings have air conditioning, so going inside on a hot day is a good way to cool down. Remember to also keep hydrated!


t-shirts, light layers, pants, shorts, good walking shoes, sandals, hat for sun, sunscreen

Autumn (Fall)

September – October

 9.8°C (49.7°F) during the day and lows of -1°C (30.2°F)


It is usually still quite warm in September and the beginning of October.  Summer time clothes are often still worn during this time.  By November, we start to get snow, and do it is good to have some winter weather clothes for this time.


pants, sweaters, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, rain coat/warm coat, hat, scarf, rain boots with grip for walking



Meet the teachers and staff of Heartland

Here are the people you will get to know when you arrive in Winnipeg!

Heartland Staff!


What is your first day REALLY like?

Between 8:30am – 8:45am

You should arrive at the school. We will take you on a quick tour of the school.



You will take our language placement test.  It is nothing to be scared of! It is a listening; reading and writing test which helps us determine the right English class level for you.  You cannot fail this test, and it does not count towards and grades or future class work.  It is only a placement test.



Test is over and you have a 15 minute break



We will meet back in the same room you had your test in and go over Orientation information about the city, the school, and other things you should know.  Then we take your picture for a student ID card and take you on a short tour of our school neighbourhood.


12:00pm – 1:00pm

Lunch break.  If you bring a lunch, you can eat in any of the classrooms (and meet your fellow students!) If you need to buy lunch, we can help you to find a place in the area.


1:00pm – 3:00pm

If you are in the Full-Time Intensive program or the Super-Intensive program, you will go to your afternoon class according to the level you tested into. Don’t worry, we will help you find your classroom.



What grocery stores are like in Canada

There will be grocery stores within driving and maybe walking distance of your homestay.   Your homestay family will be happy to go grocery shopping with you if you would like to look at the food available to buy.


What Pharmacies are like in Canada

If you need to find a pharmacy to fill a prescription from a doctor, you can go to the following places:


Shoppers Drug Mart





Independent Pharmacies

Many of these options are grocery stores, multipurpose department stores and many of them are open late if not 24 hours a day. These places will also sell non-prescription medicine like cough and flu medicine, Band-Aids, allergy medicine, and all other things you might need.


What foods are popular in Canada?

Canada is very multicultural and so we have lots of different restaurant options which have dishes from all over the world.  Some very popular things that people in Winnipeg like to eat:

Perogies –Polish and Ukrainian food which is like a potato and cheese dumpling

Cabbage Rolls – Polish and Ukrainian cabbage leaves rolled with fillings of ground meat and tomato sauce

Poutine – a Canadian food invented in Quebec which is French fries, cheese curds and gravy

Split Pea Soup – made with ham and green peas. A smooth creamy soup

Bannock – Aboriginal dense bread made from grain and cut into wedges

Bison stew/burgers – Manitoba Bison mean is very nutritious and leaner than beef.

Pickerel – Local fish from Manitoba often lightly breaded and fried. Pickerel cheeks are the best part!

Tourtiere – French Canadian ground meat based pie

Rye Bread – Bread made from Manitoban Rye grain. Recommended brand is KUB

Lumpia – Filipino deep fried or baked spring rolls

Honey Dill Sauce – Popular dipping sauce for chicken fingers and sweet potato fries


Bus system in Winnipeg

The best way to plan your bus route in Winnipeg is to use the Navigo Trip Planner

The bus system in Winnipeg is very effective and the buses go all over the city.

There are also 3 free buses called the “Downtown Spirit” buses which run from 11am until 3:30pm on weekdays and 11am until 5:30pm on Saturday and 12:00pm until 5:30pm on Sunday.  This is a great way to get to and from Winnipeg’s main downtown attractions like The Forks, The Shaw Park Baseball park, The Exchange District, The Winnipeg Art Gallery and The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


Fun things to do in Winnipeg

There are lots of indoor and outdoor activities to do in Winnipeg.  There are some exciting things that happen in the Summer and Winter that are a lot of fun! Here are some examples:




Music, Culture and Theatre festivals

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Jazz Festival


The Winnipeg Zoo (Journey to Churchill Polar Bear Exhibit)


Culture Days

Dance and musical performances at The Forks

Assiniboine Park bike trails, movies in the park, picnics and concerts



Cultural Festivals and activities

Festival du Voyageur

Ice Skating on the river at The Forks

Club d’escalade de Sait-Boniface

FortWhyte Alive snowshoeing


Indoor (anytime):

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Jets Ice Hockey Game

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

The Manitoba Museum

Royal Canadian Mint

Enigma Escapes

Prairie Theatre Exchange

Manitoba Theatre Centre (MTC)


Local and international “Indie” bands and music shows are very popular as Winnipeg is a great city for music, culture and art.  Some great places to try if you like this kind of show are:

The Goodwill

Burton Cummings Theatre

The Park Theatre

West End Cultural Centre (WECC)

The King’s Head Pub

The Pyramid

The Garrick Theatre

Click here to see more ideas!
More fun things to do in Winnipeg


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