Can I study in a part time program and for less than 25 weeks?

Currently, international students who wish to travel to Canada for their studies must hold a Study Permit and have an Acceptance Letter from a Canadian institution with a DLI Number (Designated Learning Institute) that is on the official approved list with a COVID-19 readiness plan.  To apply for a study permit, students should be enrolled in full time studies for a minimum of 25 weeks (6 months).  Although Heartland is happy to accept part time students for less than 25 weeks, these students must already be in Canada, and legally able to study by other means.


What if I do not get my Study Permit / Visa in time to arrive before my selected start date?

If you are unable to travel to Canada and begin your studies on your chosen start date due to Visa delays or denials, Heartland will open a seat for you for the following week, or the next intake date.  Please inform Heartland as soon as you are notified about a Visa delay or denial so that we can help you decide on the best option.


Does the Heartland 2021 All inclusive Package count as a Pathway to a partner college?

Depending on your currently English level, it may be possible to complete a pathway program within 6 months.  You will need to indicate on your application if you are planning to study in a Pathway Program with Heartland.


How many students will be in the in-person class?

For maximum student participation — Average 15 students per class. Maximum 25 students.