– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)





1. How to Register

2. Payment for the test

3. Registered but not paid.

4. Am I registered?

5. Registration deleted

6. Speaking Test Schedule

7. Identification Request

8. Online Results

9. Pick-Up Results

10. Additional Results forms

11. Can someone else pick up my results?

12. What can I bring on test-day?

13. When is the IELTS test?

14. How can I prepare?

15. What is the test format?

16. How can I change my test date?

17. How can I cancel my examination?

18. I missed my test day, now what can I do?



1. How do I register for the test?

On our website,, there is a list of test dates for you to register. On this website, you can click on the link to register for your selected module (academic or general) and test date.

This link will take you to the official registration of IELTS. Here, you need to fill out all your information as well as upload a valid image of your passport or permanent residence card. You will pay to finalize your registration through this website and receive confirmation immediately once completed.

2. How can I pay for my test?

At the time of registration you will pay with credit card after following the steps. If you are unable to pay with credit card, debit or cash can be accepted at our office located at 280 William Avenue. Office hours are between 8:30 and 4:30, Monday through Friday.

3. What happens if I register but don’t pay immediately?

When you begin registration for a test, the first email that you receive is an account confirmation. This does not mean you have registered completely. In the email received, you will be notified that you have 72 hours/3 days to pay. After these 72 hours/ 3 days, your registration is cancelled and you will have to re-register. Only finalizing your payment can reserve a seat for the test.

4. Am I registered?

Most correspondence for IELTS is done through email, so it is important to check your email regularly when expecting information for your IELTS test – this includes your registration confirmation. When registering online, you will have received an email confirming your registration, a second to confirm payment, and a third I.D. confirmation email. Once you received all 3, you are registered for the test. Please read these important emails because they provide a lot of information regarding the test day and IELTS test.

5. I registered for a test but now I can’t find my previous registration. What happened?

If you register but don’t pay the $309.00 examination fee, the system cancels your registration automatically after 3 days. You have to register again if you’re planning on taking the test.

6. Can I schedule my speaking test?

Speaking tests are not scheduled by the test candidate.

7. Why have I been asked for different Identification for my IELTS Examination registration?

The only two pieces of identification that you can use when registering for the IELTS test are: 1. Valid Passport, and 2. Permanent Residence

The identification you provided does not adhere to I.D. standards. Possible reasons for this include:

– ID Document Number was not clear or visible
– ID Expiry Date has passed.
– Image of yourself as seen in/on ID document is not clear
– Your name as seen in/on the ID document is not clear or visible
– Your date of birth is not clear or visible
– Signature [if it appears in/on ID document] is not clear or visible.




8. How can I check my results online?

On the 13th day following the exam, the unofficial scores are available on this website: You will need to input your personal information and complete a form.

More information regarding test results can be found here:

9. Where can I pick up my results?

Our address is 294 William Avenue. We are located on the second floor of the Massey Building.

Results are available for pick up on the 13th day following the examination. On the next business day, the results will be mailed to the address used for registering for the IELTS test.

More information on conditions of pick-up service can be found here:

10. I need another Report Form to send to an organization. Can you send one?

If you need a second results certificate, you will hear the term TRF or Test Report Form. There is an order form that can be found here: These are $20 per form requested. After the form is completed*, you can send it to .

*Forms need to be completed fully with all information provided as well as signature. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

More information on Results and ordering an additional copy can be found here:

11. Can someone pick up my results for me?

If you want someone to pick up the results for you, they need to present 3 items at the time of pick-up. They need:

  1. Their passport with their full name.
  2. The test candidate’s passport.
  3. A note authorizing a specific person (name evident on the paper as well as in agreement with passport) to pick up the results on the test candidate’s behalf. The test candidate will need to sign this note.




12. What can I bring to the test?

The only item necessary is your passport.

You can bring, pencils (not mechanical), pens, a clear water bottle without a label.

All other items (such as, wallets, phones, bags, coins, watches) will be put in a secure area during the test which you can have back after the test.

For more information on Test-Day procedures go here:

13. When is the IELTS test?

Refer to our website for the IELTS test dates. The tests fill up fast, so you need to prepare and register as quickly as possible. When you begin your registration following the links found here: , you will be notified of which test dates are available and which are already full on the official IELTS website.

14. How can I prepare/study for my IELTS test?

The best ways to prepare for your IELTS test can be found here:

15. What can I expect the test format to be like? 

More information on test format can be found here:

You should also read the literature provided by IDP IELTS. A helpful pamphlet can be found here:




*please note that cancellations, transfers, and illness will be approved only if a valid reason is provided.

Valid reasons include: emergencies, bereavement, illness with a doctor’s note.

16. I’ve signed up for a test and paid, but now I need to change the date.

If you need to change the date, you will transfer your test session. If you give 5 weeks’ notice to the test centre this can be done for a $75.00 fee. If you need to cancel without a full 5 weeks’ notice of the test, you must have a valid reason (ie. Sickness, emergency) with documentation. If within 5 weeks, it may or may not be approved and it is at IELTS head-office discretion if your given reason is acceptable.

More information on Transfer Policy can be found here:

17. I’ve signed up for a test and paid, but now I need to cancel.

You need to cancel your test with more than 5 weeks notice. There is a cancellation fee of $75.00.

More information on cancellation policy can be found here:

18. I missed my test day because of sickness or emergency. What can I do?

You must contact us within 5 business days of your scheduled test. You will receive further instruction.