Heartland’s Student Ambassador Program

Heartland’s Student Ambassador Program

New for 2020!

At the end of 2019 we started testing out a volunteer Student Ambassador Program at Heartland.  A few students so far have helped us get this initiative off the ground and we are happy to say that it’s been very well received!

For students, the goal of this program is to:

  • Gain leadership skills
    • Welcoming new students on Monday morning with a tour of the school
    • Introduce new students to the Heartland staff and teachers
  • Improve speaking skills
    • Sharing their own Heartland experience with new students at orientation
    • Speaking on behalf of Heartland Students when the school has important visitors such as Trade Commissioners
    • Participate in Heartland Marketing interviews, videos
  • Help new students feel welcome when they start their program at Heartland
    • Give advice on what new students can expect during their first week
    • Show students to their classrooms after their placement test and help introduce them to their teachers and fellow students
  • Be a role model and mentor
    • Explain the weekly schedule for class and talk about after school activities
    • Help organize special Heartland events and activities
    • Offer continuing help to students who might be a little lost or missing home

When our Student Ambassadors are finished their English program with Heartland, they help to train the next group of Ambassadors and before their last day, we provide them with a Letter of Reference for all of their volunteer work!

Our first Student Ambassador, Gunnar was a wonderful addition to the Heartland program. See what he thought of his time with us here in an Interview with Gunnar.