NEW Requirements for the Heartland – MITT Pathway

NEW Requirements for the Heartland – MITT Pathway

In order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students, we have reviewed and renewed our partnership with MITT and the base requirements for the Pathway Program. The changes are to benefit the students who are looking to study in various different programs at MITT once they have improved their English with Heartland.  We want to make sure that students will be confident and successful in their studies.  These new requirements will be for students who apply to begin their studies starting in July, 2020:

  • Direct entry available into MITT Category A Programs after meeting the completion requirements* for Advanced 2 (level 5) of the Intensive English Program at Heartland.
  • For Category B Programs, students who complete Advanced 2 (level 5) at Heartland can gain direct entry into the MITT level 5 English program prior to their academic program start.
  • Category C Programs require an IELTS Test, which can be taken at Heartland.For more information on which programs are under which category, please visit: Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology English Language Proficiency

*Completion Requirement to complete a level is 80% attendance, participation, tests, and homework.

This information can also be found on our Pathway Program Level Requirements page on our website

Current Heartland MITT Pathway students, and students who start their programs by June 29, 2020 for the Heartland MITT Pathway program are not affected by this change. They are still be permitted to use their Pathway Program Advanced 1 scores. The new requirements are effective starting June 30, 2020.