New Agent Website!

New Agent Website!

In order to make our website information easier to access and understand, we have made some improvements to our Agent Resources online.

You will see when you access the Agent section of our website from the main page, you get a new list of resources and new tabs to help navigate the information: 

There is also a new tab for “News” where you will find posts about what is happening in Winnipeg and Mississauga, at Heartland, with our students and more. If there are any developments with our programs, changes, advancements, new options, changes to requirements, promotions or anything of the sort, the information will be posted in “News.”

There is also a new tab called “Agents Newsletters” which will host our archived Agent Newsletters after they have been sent out. If you do not receive the Agent Newsletter from Heartland, please be sure to sign up using the sign up form on the right of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenni Danino, Marketing Director at