Heartland Celebrating 20 Years

Heartland Celebrating 20 Years

Heartland was founded in 1999 in Winnipeg to help international students achieve their English learning goals.  A lot has changed in the world in the past 20 years. Most of our applications arrived by fax back in 1999! Heartland has adapted to the changes and challenges over that period and has grown from a single class to a leader in language education in Canada.

Over the years, our school facilities have adapted and improved.  Our curriculum has evolved with students needs and improved with advances in learning and technology.  In 2015, we even expanded with a new campus in Mississauga, Ontario.  Throughout all of the changes, what hasn’t changed is our belief that the key to the best language learning is caring and professional teachers and support staff in the right environment.  We are looking forward to the years ahead as we continue our effort to be the best place to learn English.

Heartland Timeline

February 3, 1999
– Heartland International English School name Registration Partnership between Gary Gervais and Rennie Zegalski

May 31, 1999 – First Employee starts, Teacher Stuart Schwartz

June 1, 1999 – Heartland opens for business at 508 Portage Avenue



June 16, 1999 – Heartland welcomes first student Nese Ozturk (Left), from Turkey. 3 days later Yukiko Starts her program (Right).




December 22, 2000
– Heartland incorporates

Summer 2001 – Carol and Keira start working at Heartland

June 2002 – Heartland moves to 161 Portage Avenue

March 2003 – Yoshiko starts working at Heartland




September 2003
– Heartland recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing start-up companies by Profit Magazine





2005 – Heartland launches a new curriculum

April 2008 – Jeneen starts working at Heartland

January 2009 – Heartland receives Languages Canada accreditation

June 2009 – Heartland celebrates 10 year anniversary

January 2010 – Heartland moves homestay  program in-house

May 2010 – Heartland moves to 294 William Avenue

November 2011 – Jon starts working at Heartland

September 2014 – Heartland becomes an Official IELTS Test Centre



June 2015 – Heartland opens location in Mississauga, Ontatrio

June 2015 – Jenni starts working at Heartland

April 2017 – Douglas starts working at Heartland





April 2017
– Heartland purchases 280 William




June 2017 – Jasmin starts working at Heartland

November 2017 – Lane starts working at Heartland



March 1, 2018 – Heartland moves to 280 William Avenue

March 2018 – Jeff starts working at Heartland

June 14, 2018 – Heartland celebrates new location with colleagues, alumni, friends and family at the Open House




January 2019 – Ken starts working at Heartland

May 2019 – Michelle starts working at Heartland

May 2019 – Sara starts working at Heartland

June 1, 2019 – Heartland’s 20 year anniversary of the first day of open business


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June 14th, 2019 – Heartland Celebrates 20th anniversary of the first students