Online classes

Online classes

Our teachers have created new ways for students to participate in a class-like setting where a combination of live video lecture, real-time group chat and document sharing is possible.

Students can choose to attend classes during the regular Heartland schedule for Semi-Intensive (morning only 3 hours per day), Intensive (full time 5 hours per day), Super-Intensive (full time 7 hours per day). Our Pathway program can also be completed in the online format.

A combination of teacher lessons and group work, the online classes mirror our in person experience. More information about the schedule and details for the classes can be found  here: Heartland Online

IELTS Preparation 

If you are looking to prepare for the IELTS Test, please see our IELTS Preparation class (2 hours per day, Monday – Thursday)

Canadian Cultural Activities

We are also continuing our cultural activities by virtually offering high value experiences showcasing our local talent like Symphony Orchestra players providing a private concert, Shakespearean actors performing a select piece, a customized virtual art gallery and museum experiences, yoga and mindfulness sessions and more! See more about our Heartland Online Activities

Accepting new applications!

Heartland is happy to receive applications any time for our online classes. New students will join our online classes after taking an online placement test. Our application can be found here: Apply to Heartland

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